This encounter helped many of us to see “the shining of eternal life” and changed in many ways our attitude to prayer, to the Church, to the world, to people around us and to our own lives. Metropolitan Anthony’s determination to become transparent to the light of Christ helps us to come closer to the Living God. He became for us a tuning fork by which we tune our internal life.
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By reading and hearing his word one acquires internal collectedness, clearer vision of one’s way and goal, and there is only one way – towards Christ. That is why we are so happy to devote part of our time (all of us work, write our diplomas and dissertations, look after our families and children, go on holidays) to the in depth understanding, preservation and spreading of metropolitan Anthony’s legacy by taking part in the work of the Foundation (see How to help – Financial support and How to help – Voluntary help). In addition we hold regular meetings in order to discuss metropolitan Anthony’s thoughts and to prepare seminars.

There is no such thing as too many friends. We welcome all those who are interested!
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If you would like to join us, please, write to and we will think how to join our efforts