31 May 2021
7 pm (Moscow time)
Crises and our life in Christ
Online seminar of the legacy of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh
Crises are events that often question all our past. At 1990 Sourozh Diocesan conference Andy Sherwood, one of the speakers of the current seminar, pointed out that a crisis can be looked at not only as judgement but as an opportunity. It that so? If Christ is really present in our life, how that affects our attitude to crises we face?

To watch the seminar, please go to the link https://cutt.ly/antsur_31  In detail
December 10, 2020
7 pm (Moscow time)
A man whom we admired
ONLINE seminar in memory of Fr. Peter Scorer
Seminar dedicted to the memory of Fr. Peter Scorer - Chair of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation, metropolitan Anthony’s spiritual son, whom Vladika ordained to the deaconate in 1973, Reader in the Russian language department (University of Exeter). Watch on the Friends of Foundation Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm844oZh8jI  In detail