31 May 2021 7 pm (Moscow time)
Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Spiritual Heritage Foundation, Friends of the Foundation and Alexander Solzhenitsyn Centre for Studies of Russia Abroad   invite to take part in the online seminar

Crises and our life in Christ

Crises are events that often question all our past. At 1990 Sourozh Diocesan conference Andrew Sherwood, one of the speakers of the current seminar, pointed out that a crisis can be looked at not only as judgement but as an opportunity. It that so? If Christ is really present in our life, how that affects our attitude to crises we face?


Andrew Sherwood (UK) – British Orthodox layman who knew Metropolitan Anthony for over 30 years

Leonid Gliberman (Moscow, Russia) – PhD in Technical science, school headmaster

Elena Utenkova-Tikhonova (Moscow, Russia) – artist, writer, member of the Union of Moscow painters


Victoria Bogdanova (Moscow, Russia) – teacher, Friend of MASSHF

To watch the seminar, please go to the link


N. Likvintseva and E. Sadovnikova

Text for discussion:

Challenge of the modern world



«Crises and our life in Christ»

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