January 22 – talk – Drawbridge memorial lecture (invited speaker) as part of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

March 26 – a lecture, invited speaker at the symposium “Cancer and People”, the David Kissen Memorial lecture.

February 8 – a talk – lecture (invited speaker) at Westfield College as part of the Maynard-Chapman divinity lectures, established since 1946.

1972 – 1973
A series of talks (invited speaker) (Huslean preacher) at the University of Cambridge in the framework of readings established since 1780 (Hulsean lectures).

January 25 – a talk – lecture (invited speaker) in the framework of the Christian Evidence Society’s Annual Drawbridge Memorial Lectures.

February 21 – a talk – lecture (invited speaker) in memory of Jane Harrison, Newnham college, Cambridge.

November 1-4 – a series of talks – lectures (invited speaker) in memory of T.S. Eliot at the University of Kent (Eliot Lectures).
November 29 – a talk – lecture (invited speaker) in the framework of the annual readings of the Association of Anglican and East Orthodox Churches, ‘Constantinople Lecture’.
Talks – lectures (invited speaker) at the University of Nottingham as part of Firth lectures.

February 5 – a talk (invited speaker), Pearl Thomas memorial lecture, National Organization for the Widowed and their children Cruse.

October 21 – a talk (invited speaker), C.R. Batten memorial lecture, Bloomsbury, the Central Baptist Church.