17-19 September 2021
8th International Conference on the Legacy of Metropolitan Anthony

Crisis: Judgment or Opportunity?

‘In Greek, “crisis” means “judgment”. Throughout history we have been in a state of crisis, that is, under the judgment of history, which is ultimately God’s actions towards us. Every era is a time of crashes and renewals. All that seems to be will perish; all that is false will perish. Only the whole, the true will stand, only what really is will stand, and not what merely seems to be.’

Metropolitan Anthony

In one of his talks Metropolitan Anthony reminds us that, when God puts us in a difficult situation, ‘we struggle desperately to return to our former state as soon as possible, rejecting the gift hidden in God’s action because it scares us’. At the conference, we are invited to reflect on what each crisis in which we find ourselves teaches us. We will talk about the crises of unexpected meetings and losses, creative searches and illnesses, family relationships and material difficulties, professional problems and social cataclysms, overwhelming doubts and the search for oneself, loss of faith and gaining confidence.

How can judgement of us be a source of inspiration? What do the cataclysms that lead us to confusion say about God, about the world around us, and about ourselves? What can we learn from the words, ministry, and life experience of Metropolitan Anthony, in order to recognize God’s gift to us in a crisis? How can we hear the voice of Christ in the heart of the storm?

The Conference programme will include reports, round tables and group discussions on practical, everyday and pastoral questions, videos of Metropolitan Anthony’s talks and services, recollections by those who knew Metropolitan Anthony of life in his parish and diocese, and a photo exhibition.

All are welcome. If you would like to give a talk, please send a summary of your proposed paper to the Foundation at: fondmas1@yandex.ru by June 15, 2021. The Organising Committee reserves the right to select papers for presentation. Texts of the papers presented will be published after the Conference.

Venue: Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russians Abroad, Nizhnaya Radishchevskaya 2, Moscow, Russia

Languages: Russian and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Tel.: +7 965 1306326

Email: fondmas1@yandex.ru



«Crisis: Judgment or Opportunity?»

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