Митрополит Антоний Сурожский


April 15, 2001
Theme: Christ, The feasts of the Church   Place: London Parish   Period: 2001-2003   Genre: Sermon

I want to have the arrogance of adding a word to what you have heard, the word of a saint.

Let us all rejoice of this wonderful day when we keep the Resurrection of Christ. Can we imagine what happened to the disciples who were hiding in the home of John Marc for fear of the persecutors, who have lost hope when of a sudden Christ alive, in the flesh was standing before them.  Joy was perfect, terror has gone, fear existed no more for them                      was now prevailed.

And what about us? How many of us have lived with fear, with doubt, with hesitation. And today we hear from those who have known it from experience hat Christ is risen, that death has no power on us,                  that forgiveness is offered to us because                         doubt loved by God. Let us therefore entrust ourselves to the Living god and try, in response to his love, to be worthy of Him, worthy of being love, as He has loved us. And then our joy will grow from year to year, but                   of the day of our death, in the same words as St Paul says when he said: to me death is a gain, for as long as I am in the flesh I                   from Christ, but when I die, I shall be with Him. Amen.


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