19 November 2016
VII conference in Western Europe in memory of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

In the eye of the storm

Given the present situation in the world we have chosen as title of the conference ‘In the Eye of the Storm’, a theme close to Metropolitan Anthony’s heart. We looked at facing conflict both within ourselves and with others: in our personal lives, in society, and in the world at large in politics and war, in the light of Metropolitan Anthony’s spiritual and theological vision and teaching. Reportback from the conference

We are part of a fallen world, and it is in and through this turmoil that we must find our way. We are walking on the sea  on which St Peter walked, and we meet Christ at the very centre of the storm, the point of equipoise of all its violence.’                                 Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

We live in a world of conflict and confrontation. As Metropolitan Anthony  said  so often, this world has lost its key of harmony and as a result there is a continuous conflict  between our natural God-given longing for plenitude of life, and all that prevents  us from moving towards fulfillment. Conflict within ourselves spreads beyond us, in our relationships with one another, our societies, and the world. We are called to face conflict, to enter into the heart of the storm, following the way of Christ, who has chosen to be there because He is the God of peace, as He is the God of the storm.

With these thoughts in mind the ‘Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation’ has organized this Conference, the seventh in Western Europe to be held in his memory. In the light of his vision and teaching we will look at conflict: within ourselves, with others, in society, and in the wider world in the tragedy of war. And it will look at ways in which we can meet conflict: with violence or non-violence, hatred or sacrificial love; with fear or the courage, in M.A’s words, to step into the ‘point of rupture and accept in a total way the responsibility for both sides.’




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