Год митрополита Антония

Dear friends,

This August it will be 20 years since metropolitan Anthony’s passing. It’s twenty years that we live remembering him, turning to his word, seeking in his legacy for the answers to the challenging questions of the modern life. His lively and powerful thought is always with us revealing to us new depths of Christian life. His presence in the voice of the Church strengthens us and inspires hope in us. Of course, the world is changing; it may seem that ‘the time of metropolitan Anthony’ is passing, that other needs and demands are relevant today. However, we are sure that it is not true: his calling to enter the depths of our heart to find there life-saving encounter with Christ is the most important news for each Christian nowadays.

In June 2024 there is another anniversary – 110 years since Vladyka’s birth. Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Spiritual Heritage Foundation decided that this period between the two anniversaries from August 2023 to June 2024 will be announced Metropolitan Anthony’s Year. There will be many events devoted to the memory of metropolitan Anthony during this ‘year’. First, it is the 9th International Conference Dedicated to Metropolitan Anthony’s Legacy ‘The Mystery of Presence: God in the World and in Man’, which will be held in Moscow on 22-24 September 2023. Apart from it, we are going to organise various events: exhibitions, seminars, round tables, radio series, new books editions and publications. We would like to have an opportunity all together to turn our hearts and minds to metropolitan Anthony’s word and to think about its place in our lives and in the life of the Church. We hope that our initiative will reveal Vladyka’s thought to those who have never heard of him as well as renew his image in the memory of those who have loved him for a long time already. We think that it is the best way to honour his memory in this special year.


We need your help to implement all these plans. If you have an opportunity to provide any possible financial support to the project devoted to Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh anniversary, we will be grateful for any donation. You can make it via QR code. Please, state ‘M.A. Year’ as a purpose of payment.


We are going to inform you about the new events and publications on our website and in the Friends of the Foundation’s social media. In order not to miss any important information, please, subscribe for our newsletter here ( https://forms.gle/gSn3KvcDFiss5Zjy8 ).


We believe that with your support we can make this year special to those who cherish metropolitan Anthony’s legacy like we do.