“The Church and the vocation of a Christian. Voluntary work”

The VII international conference on the legacy of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh «What does it mean to be a Christian in everyday life?»

Date: September, 15th, 2019. Time: 16:00 – 17:30.

Chair: Aleksandra Bazulina — Historian, School Teacher

Organizer: Vera Erokhina

The theme of the round table is what it means for us, Christians of the XXI century, to belong to a Church, what it means for us to be involved in a voluntary activity. What inspires us? And the opposite situation – why aren’t we involved in voluntary work?

How do we understand the nature of the Church and the vocation of a person in the context of it? In metropolitan Anthony’s parish it was a privilege and a joy to serve God and other people. What do we know about metropolitan Anthony’s views on the Church and on church ministry?

Why is there an opinion that the Church is a place for self-realisation for those who fail in their secular jobs? Is voluntary work for the Church (choir singing, cleaning, teaching, etc) more Christian than secular jobs? Is there a difference between secular and church ministry? How do we understand liturgy after liturgy?


  • Yuri Belanovsky — Head, Danilovcy Volunteers’ Movement;
  • Archpriest Kirill Kaleda — PhD, Geological and Mineralogical Sciences; Rector, Church of New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia in Butovo;
  • Archpriest Sergius Rybakov — Rector, Church of St Tatiana the Martyr; Cultural Studies Scholar, Lecturer and TV Presenter;
  • Protodeacon Peter Scorer — Lecturer, Department of Russian Language, University of Exeter; President, Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Foundation;
  • Priest Stephan Strekopytov – PhD, Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Senior Scientist, the National Metrological Laboratory (UK), the Parish of St Peter and St Paul;
  • Irina Yazykova – Art Expert; Vice-rector, St Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute; Council Member, Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh Spiritual Heritage Foundation